Never Giving Up

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Self esteem is important.  Feeling good about who you are and having confidence in yourself is something everyone should do, but many don’t.  The problem often lies in that they try to do something when they’re younger and fail at it.  If it happens more than once, they begin to lose confidence in their abilities and too many times, never gain it back.   Often, self esteem keeps us from reaching our goals.  If you don’t feel good about yourself, you often don’t realize things you’re good at.  When you’re told negative things about yourself from childhood, it’s hard to turn those feelings around.  It’s time you stop giving yourself a pity party.  Open your eyes.  Dig deep inside yourself and discover what it is that makes you special.  You can do it!


I needed to build a website so I went to Godaddy web builder and built a website. Not a very good one but it served its purpose. After a while i saw that what I wanted to do this site builder could not do. It was very limited. So I decided to use wordpress  to build another web site. Now i have never worked with worpress before and I was told that there is a learning curve i would have to overcome. Well it became very clear very quickly that i did not know enough. It became overwhelming and i was getting frustrated. Although I was exhausted, spending hours upon hours trying to learn and making little progress. I feared that I would never get it done and all of a sudden when I was just about to give up a lite was turned on and i figured it all out. As you can see the web site turned out pretty good if i say so myself.


       I learned a very valuable lesson in the Navy . You Persevere– You adapt — You overcome. When you get to the end and there does not seem that you are going to make it is when you will reach a point when all you hard work pays off.


I am giving away this e-book for anyone who signs up for my News Letter.

In this guide, I have provided 70 tips designed to motivate you to never give up on your dreams and ambitions. But the truth is that nobody can motivate anybody to do anything. The only thing a person can do is offer them the inspiration and incentive they need to motivate themselves. The 70 techniques described here can all be boiled down to three keys to successful living:   Being willing to leave your comfort zone. Not being afraid to make mistakes and not indulging in self-limiting thinking.  





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